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Low-cost iPhone applications development

When developing an iOS application you need a constant possibility to connect iOS device (iPhone, iPad) to several computers or switch it between those. With USB Network Gate you can connect your iPhone via USB to your Windows/Mac workstation and share this USB connection with other computers. This way you can upload your new apps to the iPhone without having it physically connected to your local machine.
Available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android

Reduce your expenses on iPhone/iPad applications development

USB Network Gate (former USB to Ethernet Connector) easily solves the task of shared access to iPhone or iPad from different Macs. This simplifies iOS apps development process and spares you the buying of additional iPhone or iPad. With USB Network Gate you can work with a remote device as if it was connected directly to your local computer.

Common problem

During the development process it is necessary to switch the iOS devices between different computers for apps installation, testing, etc. Switching the devices back and forth complicates and slows down the development.

How USB Network Gate solves it

If you don't want to run around the office exchanging the devices with your colleagues, we've got a perfect solution for you. USB Network Gate allow you to share iPhone or iPad among multiple Windows or Mac computers. Simply install USB Network Gate on all participating computers and get fully functional device connected to any computer you need.
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Eltima Port Virtualization Technology is just what you need. Thousands of successful companies worldwide have already experienced the undeniable benefits and advantages of powering their software and hardware products with our advanced technology.

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Redirect USB over Network

Redirect USB devices over LAN, Wi-Fi or Internet and use them from remote computers. You can share various devices, such as MFD, scanners, webcams, etc. These devices will be accessible at a remote computer as if they were really connected to it.

USB passthrough for virtual machines

USB Network Gate organizes a USB devices passthrough from host OS to virtual machine. It makes possible using USB devices on a virtual machine as if they were connected to it directly. USB Network Gate supports VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V.

Remote Desktop USB redirector

With USB Network Gate accessing USB devices over Remote Desktop Protocol is as easy as a pie. Now you can use local USB devices from a remote desktop as if they were physically plugged in there.

Your custom scenario

Need to use USB Network Gate for a different purpose? Please let us know how you would like to use our product and we will be glad to assist you in this matter. We hope USB Network Gate will satisfy your needs perfectly.
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