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How to use scanner for remote desktop

Olga Weis Olga Weis Jul 8, 2021

Microsoft Remote Desktop doesn’t support using a local scanner with remote desktop by default. While utilizing peripheral devices like external drives and printers is quite easy, using a scanner over the remote desktop can only be done with 3rd-party software.

USB Network Gate is a powerful application that gives users access to their scanning equipment during RDP sessions. Thus allowing someone to use local scanner remote desktop functionality!

Thanks to USB Network Gate, someone can use a USB scanner over RDP capabilities to safely scan documents via a remote desktop session with a quick and simple setup process.

How to use the scanner in remote desktop sessions

For users wondering how to use scanners through remote desktops, this section is for you. When remote desktop scanner redirection isn’t supported, USB Network Gate allows users access to their local USB scanners as effectively as if they were plugged physically into the remote machine.

Follow the steps below to configure and use the local scanner with the remote desktop:
On the computer that is physically connected to the scanner (referred to as the "server" computer), download and install the USB Network Gate application.
 download scanner for remote desktop software
Then download and install USB Network Gate on the remote machine which is connected via RDP (referred to as the "client" computer).
 install client component
Launch USB Network Gate on both the server and client computers.
 launch scanner for remote desktop
On the server computer, choose the desired USB scanner from USB Network Gate’s "Local USB Devices" tab and select "Share".
 share scanner to remote desktop
In the RDP session (client computer), navigate to the "Remote Devices" tab and click "Connect" to create the connection.
 use usb scanner over rdp
Once the connection is successfully established, the USB scanner will be recognized by the client computer’s Device Manager.
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What are the benefits of using Scanner over remote desktop?

Advanced security measures

Utilizing advanced security encryption protocols, USB Network Gate protects transmitted data from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Users can even require the input of an additional password to connect to the scanner from a remote desktop (client computer).

Easily redirect scanners to different platforms

USB Network Gate works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, allowing effortless cross-platform device sharing opportunities.

Any OS platform can be set up as a “server computer” or “client computer”, regardless of whether they utilize the same operating system or not.

No scanner drivers required

USB Network Gate never requires scanner drivers on client computers, thus saving tons of system admin work because new drivers never need to be installed when a USB scanner is accessed by a remote desktop session.

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