Here you can download and install USB Network Gate (former USB to Ethernet Connector) on all computers that will participate in USB devices sharing and usage. I.e. USB Network Gate server has to be installed on the computer where USB devices will be physically plugged in, and USB Network Gate clients on the computers which will use the remote shared USB device. Both client and server software are included in a single installer.

Thanks to cross-platform capabilities of USB Network Gate, client and server can be installed either on Windows, Mac or Linux OS machines or Android device.
File size: 4.03MB
Latest build: 7.0.1370
Release date: 7th Dec, 2015 DOWNLOAD FOR PC
File size: 3.79MB
Latest build: 4.1.410
Release date: 26th Sep, 2016 DOWNLOAD FOR MAC
File size: 1.27MB
Latest build: 3.6.0
Release date: 12th Jan, 2016 DOWNLOAD FOR LINUX
File size: 2.87MB
Latest build: 3.5.0
Release date: 13th Jul, 2015 GET FOR ANDROID

Trial version limitations:

14-day trial; you can share only 1 local USB device

First start

1. Share local USB device
2. Connect to remote shared USB device
3. Establish connection

Latest release updates:


- full support for Windows 10
- per-session USB device isolation. Allows assigning a particular USB device to a particular user, which is extremely useful in multi-user environment. Currently available for USB flash drives and USB cameras in test mode
- support for ICA protocol. USB devices plugged into a thin client appear in a remote session over ICA.
- new sharing option allowing remote clients to be disconnect from the shared USB device by other clients
- USB port location can be shown in device description for better identification of similar USB devices
- new functions for the OEM users: ServerAllowDevRemoteDisconnect, ClientRemoteDevDisconnect, ClientRemoteDisconnectIsEnabled, ClientGetRdpIsolation, ClientSetRdpIsolation
- support for Allen-Bradley controllers by Rockwell


- client part of USB Network Gate can be installed separately
- support for USB Bluetooth adapters, including better detection and correct name display
- compression methods
- transfer speed for USB Flash drives
- better visualization for USB devices in the devices tree
- uthorization is not lost if sharing parameters are changed on the go, unless TCP port is changed


- issue when virtual devices were not properly removed from Device Manager

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