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Meet Our Editorial Team

We’ve gathered a team of industry professionals and experienced writers to inform readers about solutions to common software and device problems. The members combine their skills to create well-structured and factual articles, supported by hands-on testing. Here, you can get to know these experts and learn about their credentials.
nikolai svarachevsky
Nikolai Svarachevsky
Lead Developer
Nikolai is the lead developer of FlexiHub and USB Network Gate. He has over 20 years of work experience and expertise in USB virtualization and network passthrough. That’s why Nikolai was chosen to consult the writers of the Team on these subjects.
bohdan miniv
Bohdan Miniv
QA Engineering
Bohdan specializes in QA engineering, being proficient at using Apache JMeter and REST API. He has worked on many of the same projects as Nikolai. Bohdan applies his experience in the Team by helping the other members test various approaches and solutions.
Olga Weis
Writer, Editor
Olga has written for the last 15 years, covering a wide range of technology and software-related topics. In the Team, she’s an all-in-one writer, editor, and fact checker. Olga fits the raw information gained from other members into an article that’s not just informative, but also easy to read.
Robert Agar
TSM Subject Matter Expert
Robert is a TSM Subject Matter Expert with 13 years of work experience at IBM. He’s also a talented technical writer, and has published articles on many popular and well-respected resources. Now Robert continues writing as a part of the Editorial Team, with an emphasis on technical details.
Julia Nedviga
Digital Marketing Specialist
Julia has 17 years of experience working as a Digital Marketing specialist. Her participation in the tech market goes all the way back to the dawn of personal computers. In the Team, Julia does research to understand the needs of the readers and make sure that the presented information is relevant.

How We Create Content

Choosing a topic
We discover a technological problem, find more information, and evaluate its relevance.
Doing deep research
We investigate the topic and verify our findings, using different approaches and looking at it from various perspectives.
Hands-on testing
We experiment with hardware and software, try to replicate problems, and make sure that the solutions are guaranteed to work.
Writing and editing
Our discoveries are composed into an article and optimized for our users’ enjoyment and readability.
And it’s done! Now the readers can find the article on our online resources, knowing that the information is completely authentic.
We receive feedback from the grateful readers and learn what aspects of our writing could use improvement.