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Access USB in Remote Desktop

USB Network Gate is a handy software solution that allows you to access and fully utilize USB devices in Remote Desktop.
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $159.95
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Redirect USB over RDP

Accessing local USB devices during a Remote Desktop session can be challenging. USB Network Gate solves this issue by allowing you to operate any USB device in a remote session. Moreover, you can configure your remote machine to immediately identify and connect to shared USB devices as if they were physically attached to it.

Per-session device isolation

Activate this option to ensure your USB device is exclusively assigned to you during remote desktop sessions, keeping it invisible to others and preventing other RDP sessions from using it. It’s a simple but highly effective way to protect your data and maintain its security.
A computer with a 3D mouse. To the right, three desktop sessions with the mouse are shown. Two of them are locked.

Fit for multi-user environments

USB Network Gate is ideal for terminal servers and other multi-user environments due to the ability to redirect USB over an RDP channel and make it exclusively available for one specific user so that everyone can use their own devices without any interference.
Three sessions. One of them is unlocked and being accessed by three users. Two are greyed out and denied access.

USB in Citrix ICA

Even if you don’t use Microsoft RDP or the client computer isn't a Windows machine, USB devices can still be redirected with Citrix ICA protocol, which USB Network Gate natively supports since version 7.0.
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How to access USB over RDP with UNG



Install USB Network Gate both on the local machine with the attached USB device and the remote machine (terminal server) you plan to access it from.
The Download button for the USB Network Gate installer is located on its website. It must be launched and the setup must be completed before the next step.


Start UNG on the remote machine (terminal server), go to the “Remote devices” tab, and click “Connect” next to the shared device.
The Local USB Devices tab should be opened by default, but if it isn’t, switch it near the top of the window. The Share buttons are on the right, next to their respective device on the list.


Enable “RDP auto-connect” if you want UNG to automatically re-establish your connections for future RDP sessions.
You can select the Remote USB Devices tab near the top of the application window. The Connect button is to the right of each device.

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USB Network Gate

Access USB in RDP
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $159.95
Available for