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USB Network Gate
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    I work for KUKA Systems, the world’s leading provider of system solutions for the automotive industry. As a robot manufacturer, we offer the full range of products and services starting from the individual components to cells and turnkey systems.

    Recently we’ve been working on a large virtual commissioning project for Daimler and required a special software named “WINMOD”. Given that we did not have enough hardware license keys for this software, we had to “borrow” some from our German parent company that had plenty of licenses for “WINMOD”. For that, we required a reliable software solution that would share these license dongles over the network.

    Our German colleagues recommended that we use USB Network Gate to redirect USB keys across the Internet. We tested the software and the trial version worked flawlessly. USB Network Gate is very convenient to use and the HMI is very nice.

    Thanks to your software we can access some very specific license dongles from our German parent company, and it saves a lot of money for us. If not your software, we would have to purchase lots of additional expensive license dongles. Read more.
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    At iCOGNIZE GmbH, we develop high-end security technology and biometric recognition systems. Our company mainly focuses on biometric authentication devices that can be used at nuclear power plants, bio-labs, data centers, etc.

    As a provider of biometric solutions in the field of physical and logical access control, we were looking for a reliable software tool that would help us establish the USB connection to one or more proprietary devices over the network. This connection needed to be created between an embedded system on the server side and the client running its own operating system.

    We have tried a plenty of other solutions before coming across USB Network Gate. This app seemed to be more flexible and user-friendly compared to the competitors. One of the biggest advantages of this program is that it offers the source code option, which makes it possible to customize its functionality and integrate it into our own solutions.

    Thanks to USB Network Gate, we don’t need to use a dedicated piece of silicon, the software can be run on our own embedded devices. Read more.
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    Our company specializes in electronic transformation. We conduct technical support and data analysis for the Tax bureau through TCIS (Tax Core Information System).

    Our technical department needed some documents to be transformed into an electronic form with the use of UKey appraisal authority and some storage areas. To achieve this, I decided to design a hardware motherboard in our company’s machine room, which can be connected to 50 UKey stores and 50 stores on another motherboard, and provide remote access to them. So, I was looking for software that would allow them to access these UKeys remotely over the network.

    Finally, we decided to use USB Network Gate mainly because of great technical support and excellent before and after-sales consultations. You did a good job of incorporating the software as easy as possible, we believe that cooperation with you is the very right choice.

    Thanks to USB Network Gate we improved the overall efficiency of the company and reduced the operating costs. Read more.
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    I work as an IT manager and my office is located far from home. Lately, it’s become difficult to work without syncing my phone during the day. Some software I use doesn’t take advantage of Apple’s iCloud so it requires a USB sync. Seeing as how my computer is at minimum 60 miles from where I work during any given day this is not possible.

    Once I discovered USB over Network app and found a solution to my problem. USB Network Gate lets me sync my phone from my travel computer to my workstation at home. I no longer have to worry about leaving documents or media files behind by accident. This also saved me a huge nightmare when my phone needed to be swapped at an Apple store mid-day and nothing was on it. USB Network Gate is the only solution of this type that reliably syncs a device. I was even able to do a firmware upgrade over the remote USB connection without issue.

    USB Network Gate saves me from having to put all my personal iPhone sync data on my travel laptop where it can be lost, or stolen. Read more.
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    For multimedia design (i.a., GUI, illustration, and sound production) professionals, it is common to have nearly 100 individual software licenses spread across six dongles (iLok, eLicenser, and various one-offs) that are in constant use. Losing or damaging one of the said dongle keys will result in a lengthy and costly process of negotiating the replacement.

    With USB over Ethernet, there is no need to move the dongles around physically. They can stay plugged into a USB hub connected to the main workstation. At the same time, USB over Ethernet enables secure remote connection over a LAN or through a VPN giving access to all the licenses from anywhere with zero chance of losing them. Read more
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    As contractors are constantly on the move, carrying around an array of electronic devices can be highly inconvenient. So having a single tool to sync up the iPod with the home system and laptop, share files, get updates, and use an office printer from any place with Internet access is very beneficial.

    The best solution in this situation is using USB over Ethernet. Unlike other apps that only work over a LAN, USB over Ethernet can access the iPod from any location, making it easy to sync up on the road giving the best of both worlds. Plus, being able to send a fax from home while on the road may also have its uses. Read more
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    While conducting research work in a radiotherapy treatment room, the operator and computer equipment must stay outside the shielding bunker, and the distance can be over 100 feet. The image quality from the cameras requires high transfer rates, but there is no USB 2.0 cable long enough, and USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapters cost over $500 and are easily damaged by radiation.

    The solution is to connect the cameras to a little computer inside the shielding bunker and then use USB over Ethernet to connect this computer to the main laptop. The laptop will think that the cameras are directly connected to it, so it will be easy to control them, maintaining the USB 2.0 capability even over a long distance. Read more
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    Developing a web-based BioAPI conformance test system (CTS) includes establishing a secure connection of the remote biometric devices to the CTS server. Finding a software solution that perfectly fits the overall project structure and strictly complies with all the related international standards (i.a., ISO/IEC 24709) is challenging.

    USB over Ethernet can be used for connecting remote biometric devices attached to client computers to the CTS server for an instant check of the devices’ compliance with international standards. In this way, the in-house team can focus on BioAPI CTS Kernel and dramatically reduce the development time. Read more
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    One of the main problems of P2V Projects realization is that clients often use multiple software products protected by USB license dongles, but some VM systems have poor or no USB support. All the existing hardware-based solutions for this issue lack drivers for the latest operating systems and are often hard to find in the required quantity.

    USB over Ethernet makes it easy to redirect all the required USB dongles to multiple virtual systems running on a Vmware ESXi 5.5 Server. The clients will automatically connect to a specific shared dongle and can start using the protected software immediately without delay or waiting in a queue. Read more
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    An essential part of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) development process is obtaining field values from a prototype. Finding a software tool that allows reliable connectivity between the submerged AUV and the surface allows quicker and more precise evaluation of the drone’s performance, which is critical for creating accurate autonomous code.

    USB over Ethernet is a good fit for testing an AUV prototype in a teleoperation mode. With a fiber optic cable and transceivers on both the AUV and surface, USB over Ethernet connects the AUV with the operator via the Internet protocol. Plus, it is much easier to retrieve the AUV by driving it back to the surface with less human assistance to keep the students safe. Read more
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    Server virtualization for a company specializing in non-bank loans will inevitably encounter the issue of accessing certificates stored on smart cards in the VM environment. As all existing hardware solutions are expansive, tend to have system compatibility issues, and sometimes only support the old Windows versions, dedicated software is a must-have.

    USB over Ethernet can redirect the smart card reader to the virtual environment, eliminating server virtualization problems and automating bank integration. This solution is compatible with the newest Windows version, easy to install, stable to work with, and much cheaper than hardware options. Read more
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