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Using USB over Ethernet in studying

Editorial Team Editorial Team Apr 5, 2023

Read case study of Louis-Philippe Gagnon, which describes how he uses USB over Ethernet while working on his research project and Master thesis.


Louis-Philippe Gagnon is a 25 year old student who lives in Quebec City. He always liked sciences and completed a Bachelor of Physics Engineering. The last year he discovered the world of cancer treatment by the use of radiation. Since that moment he worked hard to be accepted in the Medical Physics program of the Laval University in Quebec City. Now he is doing his Master’s degree to be a medical physicist to help people with cancer and uses USB over Ethernet in his researches.

Industry: student.

Alex Taylor: What challenges made you search for the software of this kind?

Louis-Philippe Gagnon: When I’m doing experimental measurements of radiation with my detectors, I need to connect my cameras (USB 2.0) to my laptop to acquire my images. The problem is that I need to be out of the shielding bunker approximately 70 feet from the camera. This is too big for an USB 2.0 cable. I needed a way to extend the length of my cable to connect the cameras to the laptop because I can’t run the cameras from another computer. It needs to be from my laptop.

Alex Taylor: How did you get to know about USB over Ethernet by Electronic Team, Inc?

Louis-Philippe Gagnon: I searched over the Internet to find a solution and I found your website with a description of your software USB over Ethernet. It seemed to be an excellent solution to extend my cable without losing the capability of the USB 2.0 data transfer rate.

Alex Taylor: Did you try other products for the same task before choosing Electronic Team, Inc. solution? Why did you prefer our product?

Louis-Philippe Gagnon: I tried other products before but some of them where complicated to use (need of an external server and an internet connection, etc.) and others where enable to provide the USB 2.0 transfer rate. The Electronic Team, Inc. solution is the only one that is very easy to use and provide the USB 2.0 capability even if the Ethernet cable is very long. We install only one application that can be the server or the client, and the connection between my computers is always easy to achieve. I never had a problem with the Electronic Team, Inc. software, but a lot of gray hairs with the other solutions.

Alex Taylor: Please, describe how you are using our product now.

Louis-Philippe Gagnon: Now, I can connect my cameras to a little computer into the shielding bunker of a radiotherapy treatment room, and connect this computer to my laptop via an Ethernet cable 100 feet long. Using the USB over Ethernet Software, my laptop thinks that the cameras are directly connected on it so I can drive them from the outside on my laptop.

Alex Taylor: How did you benefit from using USB over Ethernet

Louis-Philippe Gagnon: Using this software made me save a lot of money because I didn’t need to buy a physical USB 2.0 to Ethernet adaptor that cost about $500 to damage it with radiation for my experimentation.