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Elevate Your Zero Client Solutions with USB Network Gate SDK

Zero-client setups can be used to create a cheap and easily managed workplace. However, the ordinary USB passthrough method - the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol - does not support some types of hardware. This issue can be addressed by integrating our USB passthrough technology with the help of the USB Network Gate SDK.

Even when your USB devices are already supported by MS RDP, USB Network Gate can provide better optimization, cross-platform compatibility, and simpler integration.
Elevate Your Zero Client Solutions with USB Network Gate SDK

Why USB Network Gate SDK is Essential for Zero Clients

This USB passthrough technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures a user experience devoid of compromise, making it an indispensable tool for businesses leveraging zero client infrastructure.
Unleash Full Potential with USB Network Gate SDK/OEM
USB Connectivity

Seamless USB Connectivity

Ensure instant access to USB devices across all zero clients, as if they were directly connected to the user's local machine.
Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

From printers to scanners, unlock unparalleled support for a wide array of USB devices.
Streamlined Integration

Streamlined Integration

Effortlessly incorporate USB passthrough functionality into your systems with our versatile SDK, tailored for developers.

Transform Your Workspace Today

Get in touch with us and we will help you improve your business with the USB Network Gate SDK. Or make the first step on your own and learn about the software in advance. Either way, all the necessary resources are here for you to use.
Let’s start with these steps:
  • Request a Demo: Witness the transformative impact of USB Network Gate SDK/OEM on your zero client setup.
  • Contact Our Experts: Let us guide you through the seamless integration and deployment within your existing infrastructure. Click here to start.
  • Explore Further: Dive into our comprehensive documentation and discover the full capabilities of our SDK/OEM solutions. You may start with SDK video guide.

Beyond Microsoft RDP: A Comparative Insight

Our technology compares well with MS RDP. All these advantages stem from the fact that we specifically focused on network USB passthrough. If you found the RDP protocol lacking in any of these categories, then your problem can likely be solved with the USB Network Gate SDK/OEM.
product logo USB Network Gate OEM/SDK
product logo Microsoft RDP
Data transfer speed
32 Mb/s
19 Mb/s
Range of supported devices
Not limited
Cross-platform compatibility
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Windows only
System requirements
Multiple system requirements
Simplicity of integration

Ready to Elevate Your IT Infrastructure?

Ready to Elevate Your IT Infrastructure xs
USB Network Gate SDK/OEM stands ready to transform your zero-client environments, delivering unparalleled USB device connectivity and enhancing your computing landscape.

Contact us today to unlock the full capabilities of your zero-client infrastructure and propel your business forward into a new era of efficiency and productivity.