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Forward USB devices connected to thin/zero clients over the network

USB passthrough technology which will help you to work with USB devices connected to Thin/Zero clients over the Network. Learn about integration options and the benefits of the service.

USB over Ethernet technology for thin/zero clients

Redirection of USB devices to terminal servers often becomes a real challenge for the users of thin clients.

The problem is that not all types of USB peripherals can be supported and forwarded by native methods of remote desktop protocols. More than that, USB passthrough to a terminal server often requires additional settings and complex configuration on both ends.
To resolve this challenge, Electronic Team has developed a unique USB over Ethernet Technology that is aimed at complete emulation of all USB device endpoints and redirection of the virtualized copies of the USB device across the network.

By integrating this dedicated third-party solution directly into your thin client software, you can provide your customers with the much-desired ability to get secure remote access to USB devices of any type.
Forward any USB peripheral to your cloud service

Key benefits of implementing USB Pass-through Technology in thin-client software:


Full USB Pass-through Support

The technology provides USB redirection not limited by the device class. That means users of remote machines will be able to access the full functionality of a USB device as though it were connected to their thin clients locally.

UX Optimization

USB over Ethernet supports USB devices of any type, including 3d mice, biometric devices, flash drives, memory card readers, smart card readers, PTP сameras, MTP media players, and other devices, which aren’t usually accessible in RDP sessions.

Competitive edge

The technology is extremely easy to deploy and use. A simple installation of the solution on the thin client and terminal server will be enough for establishing a secure USB redirection channel. Your customers will be able to redirect USB peripherals over the network with just a few clicks without any additional connection configuration.

Multiple platform deployment

Electronic Team specialists provide high-level technical assistance during the technology customization and integration. Plus, the solution comes with regular updates and improvements.
Try the demo version of our USB pass-through technology and see it in action.

Comparison chart

Side-by-side comparison of USB over Ethernet technology
vs the MS RDP (USB redirection)

About Us

Electronic Team, Inc. is a technology development company with the sole purpose of developing innovative and affordable technologies for both enterprise and personal use. USB Port virtualization that provides USB over Ethernet support to cloud infrastructures is one of our many specialties.

Software solutions powered by our USB redirection

Based on this USB over Ethernet technology Electronic Team developed two USB port redirection tools that are capable of redirecting any USB device from one location to another over network.


Access and manage remote USB and COM port devices
USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate

Share your USB device with others over LAN or Internet
Still got a question and want to try a demo? Contact us and find out why the technology is the right choice for your business.