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Remote Patient Monitoring System in Hospitals

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare, continuous patient monitoring is transforming the dynamics of patient care. Hospitals often encounter challenges in ensuring 24/7 vigilance for patients, which can stretch staffing capacities. Incorporating USB Network Gate into this framework can amplify the efficacy of the patient remote monitoring system. If you are ready to try push the button below!
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What is Patient Monitoring System?

An Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare patient monitoring system is a composite of systems and/or processes that empower medical practitioners to keep track of a patient's health status. Such systems are commonly utilized for remote patient monitoring, also known as remote physiological tracking. They leverage digital technologies to gather and oversee health data from patients and electronically relay this information to healthcare providers.

This aids in the evaluation, diagnosis, and eventual treatment of health conditions. This innovative technology is transforming healthcare delivery by cutting down costs and enhancing patient outcomes.
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Patients Video Monitoring Issue

A safe and effective alternative to in-person patient monitoring is the implementation of a centralized remote video monitoring system. A central patient monitoring system would consist of cameras in hospital rooms, all of which could be monitored in real-time to help alleviate the staffing impacts of one-on-one monitoring.

One highly-trained monitoring technician would then be capable of tracking and observing multiple patients at once just by installing a few video cameras in patients’ rooms.

Unfortunately, the cost of implementing centralized monitoring of hospital patients, via patient video monitoring systems, can fluctuate widely due to the differences in capability and data fidelity. This is, of course, without taking into consideration the tens of thousands of dollars that are incurred due to ongoing system maintenance and licensing renewal.
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USB Network Gate
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Affordable Solution For Centralized Video Monitoring

Fortunately, there is an affordable and reliable solution for those interested in a hospital monitoring system. That solution is USB Network Gate.

Use USB Network Gate to create an efficient, cost-effective monitoring system. With USB web cameras and computers, hospitals can implement patient video monitoring without compromising the quality of care or pressuring staff. It's never been easier to set up a live-feed video monitoring system in hospital rooms.

You will get one workstation to monitor multiple cameras and you will need just ONE tech professional for this workstation.

Steps To Redirect Hospital Room Cameras To A Centralized Monitoring System:



Install USB Network Gate on the designated local computer(server), and the remote PC(client);

Run the app

Run the app on the server (the designated local computer) and share your USB webcam over the network;


Navigating in your hospital monitoring system, go to “shared device” and click “Connect”.

The USB webcam should now appear on your computer screen, showing live video feed from any hospital patient room with cameras installed.

Our Clients’ experience

Here is how Southwestern Vermont Medical Center managed to organize a centralized monitoring system with the help of USB over Ethernet.

Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

“So far it is working as intended, we are very happy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need arose to add cameras in patient rooms for monitoring. The chosen software impressively allowed USB devices, such as HD Logitech webcams and built-in webcams on Lenovo Think Pad T490s, to link from multiple systems back to a central station. Overall, with a reasonable licensing price and commendable customer support, the software has proven to be invaluable during these challenging times.”
Tony Fawcett - a Desktop Support Specialist

We hope this short insight into how USB Network Gate can help provide 24/7 patient monitoring without the immense strain on staffing has been helpful. This software was designed to be easy, effective, and secure.


We needed software which allowed us to link a USB device (webcam) from multiple machines back to one central viewing station.

We’re using HD Logitech webcams and also built-in webcams on laptop devices.

After a diligent search, the network security team found this software, uniquely offering USB over Ethernet capabilities. A standout feature was its simple installation process, suitable for both host and client machines, paired with vital password encryption for HIPAA compliance. The implementation of this software facilitated real-time patient monitoring, minimizing unnecessary PPE usage and potential exposure.
How does the client benefit?

We were able to successfully link the webcams to a host machine and view the patients using surveillance software. This helps our nurses outside the COVID-19 negative pressure area monitor inside, which is extremely helpful and reduces the need to prepare PPE and go inside to check unnecessarily.
USB Network Gate
Redirect USB devices over network
14-day Free Trial available
License price starts at $159.95
Available for