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Editorial Team Editorial Team Dec 18, 2019

The idea of using usual webcam for home security is quite appealing - it is easy to set and doesn't require any significant expenses to implement.

So here we will show you how to turn your PC and a webcam into a motion-detecting and recording security camera system.


  1. 1
    Plug your webcam in your computer and install the drivers it requires. Make sure the webcam is functioning correctly and shows the image it captures.
     motion detection usb webcam
  2. 2
    Download free open source application "Dorgem".
     usb webcam for surveillance
  3. 3
    Launch "Dorgem" and choose your webcam as the source of video signal. Then press "Preview" button for video signal to appear. By pressing "Source" button you can customize the video image that you see.
     security usb webcam
  4. 4
    Now, please, go to "Store settings" > choose "File" and click "OK" > enter a Name: > set an interval (try 1 or 2 seconds) > set the folder to save images to. When entering a file name, use characters %g, they will give your file name a time stamp. If you use %G in the file name, then the current year will also be added to the name. E.g. usb_camera%G%g > click "Save".
     pc and webcam as a motion-detecting system
  5. 5
    Press "Options" button and make sure that "Use motion detection" checkbox is enabled.

    That's it! You just turned your regular webcam into a security camera. Now, when any single movement is made before its objective, it will create a series of images.
     webcam security software


You can always elevate your newly created security motion-detecting system - you can manage it remotely with the help of USB over Network solution. Read the following "How To" to find out how you can receive data from this webcam security surveillance system and manage its position remotely (if the camera construction provides such possibility).

Things you'll need

  • Windows OS computer;
  • A USB Web Camera;
  • Motion-detection software.
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