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Sync Your iPhone Remotely Over a Network

Editorial Team Editorial Team Aug 29, 2021
Sync your iOS device over local network or Internet

It can be difficult to sync your iOS device when traveling. Weeks can go by before you can physically connect your iPhone to your computer. USB Network Gate (formerly USB to Ethernet Connector) from Electronic Team, Inc. solves this problem using USB over network technology. The application creates a secure USB over Ethernet tunnel that lets you safely sync iOS devices remotely. Just connect the device to a local computer and access an iPhone remotely over a LAN or the Internet.

What is iPhone Synchronization?

The term iPhone synchronization refers to the activity of updating and transferring data between your home computer and your mobile phone. After the two electronic devices have finished synchronizing, they will both contain the same content.

USB over Network technology requires access to a TCP-based network. That’s the only requirement to enable a remote connection to your iPhone that can be used to sync the device with a computer. There are many cases where this ability can turn out to be critically important. For instance, using USB over Network software, you can access your iPhone and send files to local printers so they can be shared with colleagues.

Not all users of iOS devices are aware that they can access an iPhone remotely from virtually any network-attached computer. This lack of knowledge puts them at a distinct disadvantage. In this article, we will show you how to sync an iPhone over a network using a simple software utility.

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Sync iPhones Remotely Using USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate is a software tool developed by Electronic Team, Inc. It offers users an easy method of implementing USB over Network functionality to enable them to remotely connect to an iPhone from computers running diverse operating systems.

How Does USB Network Gate Work?

USB Network Gate uses advanced virtualization technology to implement a secure USB over Ethernet tunnel. This connection can then be used to remotely sync an iPhone as well as perform many other types of remote activity. In addition to syncing your iPad or iPhone with a remote machine, you can also use USB over Network functionality to access scanners, webcams, or any device connected to USB ports.

All you need is a connection to a TCP-based network like the Internet or a LAN. Then, connect the iOS device to a computer with USB Network Gate installed and make the device available to be shared. Once the device is made shareable, another computer with USB Network Gate installed can connect to it and share its data. The device can be set up to automatically synchronize when the connection is established. You can also manually sync by initiating it from the computer when connected to the iPhone.

USB Network Gate can be used to manage or sync iOS devices connected to a remote machine as well as interact with other types of USB devices. USB over Network functionality lets you share security dongles, USB hubs, and any other USB peripheral attached to a network-connected computer. You can use the devices as if they were physically attached to your machine.

How to Use USB Network Gate to Sync iOS Devices

USB Network Gate is a simple software solution that allows you to sync an iPad or iPhone over a network. This USB over Network app is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. Follow these steps to connect to USB devices over a network.
Download and install USB Network Gate on both the local and remote computers. They don’t need to be running the same operating system.
Launch the program on the local computer and connect an iOS device to its USB port. Navigate to the “Local USB devices” tab and choose to “Share” the selected device. This makes the device available for remote access.
Start USB Network Gate on a remote computer and open the “Remote USB” devices tab. Here you will see all devices available for a remote connection. Simply choose the one you want and click “Connect”.
Once connected to the remote device, you will be able to access all of its functions as if you had a direct connection.


A USB over Network redirector like USB Network Gate gives you the flexibility of accessing and syncing your iOS devices remotely. The tool also lets you manage and control other devices connected to the USB ports of computers on your network. This software can help businesses extract the maximum value from their peripheral devices and allows travelers to keep their iOS devices synced no matter where they are. USB Network Gate solves multiple remote access issues with an easy-to-use software app.

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