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Editorial Team Editorial Team Nov 13, 2023
Access Remote USB solutions provide customers with a convenient and reliable method of accessing remote USB devices with the same functionality they would achieve with a direct connection. This flexible solution offers fast connectivity and supports the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Remote USB Access with USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate allows multiple users to remotely connect to and use a single USB device from any location. The software eliminates the distance limitations associated with implementing a direct connection to a USB device such as a scanner, printer, or security key. USB Network Gate lets you optimize the value of your USB peripheral equipment and enhances productivity throughout an organization.
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Steps for remote USB connection:

In order to connect to a remote USB port, you first have to share USB device at the computer it is physically plugged in. After that, it is easy to access the remote USB device with a shared device from any computer and use it as if it was directly connected to your machine.
Install USB Network Gate on the computer that will share the USB device over a LAN or the Internet. Use the app’s interface to share the locally connected device.
 download usb network gate
Click on the "Share" button to grant remote access to the USB device and make changes to the device's settings if needed.
 connect external hard drive to remote desktop
Install the USB Network Gate application on the computer that intends to access the USB device remotely.
 external hard drive in usb network gate
Then switch to the "Remote USB devices" tab and see the list of remote devices. Select the remote USB device you want to use and press "Connect".
 access external hard drive from remote desktop
After the connection is established, a remote USB device will appear in system resources as if it were connected to this computer directly.
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Following are the main features and benefits of USB Network Gate:

  1. USB devices can be shared between multiple network-attached computers simultaneously.

  2. Access to remote USB devices can be controlled with password protection so only authorized personnel can use the equipment.

  3. USB Network Gate supports establishing a remote USB connection to virtual environments, blade servers, or in a remote desktop (RDP) session. The tool supports virtual machines on the Citrix XenDesktop, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VirtualBox.

  4. USB Network Gate supports the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and offers cross-platform connectivity by allowing any combination of supported systems to share USB devices without the need to install device drivers.

Remote access USB device - video guide:

Share USB device

Frequently Asked Questions

USB Network Gate enables USB devices to be shared over a TCP-based network such as the Internet or a corporate LAN. The software enables remote access with the same level of functionality as that achieved through a physical connection to the peripheral. Using this solution increases the value of USB scanners, dongles, and other devices by making them available to multiple users in any network-connected location.
USB Network Gate uses virtualization to share USB traffic over both wired and wireless networks. The server software translates the USB signals from the device into information that can be transmitted over the network. This information is received by the client software which turns the data back into USB signals that are read by a virtual USB port.

The server and client modules are combined in USB Network Gate so you only need one application. Once it’s installed, the computer can serve as a server or client for remote USB access.
With remote USB over Ethernet connectivity, you can share USB devices with colleagues across the globe simultaneously. It offers an excellent method of providing remote technical support for problem devices. With the software installed at both ends of the connection, technical support can access the device as if they were directly connected to it and quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issues.
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