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Share USB over RDP

USB Network Gate (former USB to Ethernet Connector) was developed and is constantly improved in order to provide you with the best, most flexible solution for easy access to any local USB device while working in remote desktop session.
Available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android

Common problem

Those, who work in remote desktop session often, are well aware of the fact that when you connect to remote desktop via Remote Desktop Protocol client, you are unable to use USB devices connected to your local computer anymore.

How USB Network Gate solves it

USB Network Gate from Eltima Software is an excellent solution when you need to provide USB access to Remote Desktop users. Any USB devices connected to your network can be shared with any network-attached user with USB Network Gate. You simply install the application on the machine that has the device physically attached and the remote machines with which you plan to share the resource.

Shared USB devices can be identified automatically by client machines when using USB Network Gate. When you turn on your computer the devices will appear as if they were directly, physically connected to your machine.

USB Network Gate also allows you to share USB devices with thin clients. Just plug your USB peripherals into the local thin client machine and they can be accessed from a remote desktop.

The Citrix ICA protocols are fully supported in USB Network Gate version 7.0. This allows you to control access to the shared USB devices. You can assign a device to a specific RDP user, making it inaccessible to all other users in a multi-user environment.

RemoteFX USB Redirection (MS-RDPEUSB) is supported in the Linux version of USB Network Gate. This enables the redirection of a shared USB device from a Linux machine to a remote Windows client with no need to install the software on the remote computer. The Windows machine can make use of the peripheral devices as if they were locally connected.

*If shared USB devices are supported by RemoteFX USB Redirection. Otherwise you'll need to install USB Network Gate on Windows client.
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Real-life experience

Q: Were you facing any issues that this type of software could resolve?

Aaron: Yes. We have a terminal services environment and need to be able to use a USB barcode scanner with a remote computer. The remote machine is running an application that processes the data generated by the scanner. We had no problem running this setup on a single machine, but when the TS server was involved we could not access the scanner remotely.
Personal Background: Aaron Rodgers, a representative of MyNYWay LLC, tells how USB to Ethernet Connector helped resolve their connectivity issues and has become a crucial part of his day-to-day operations.

Industry: Equipment Wholesale

Q: Can you please tell us how you are using the software today?

Aaron: We resolved the solution of remotely accessing our barcode scanner with USB Network Gate. The software was installed on a local computer that is physically connected to the barcode scanner. USB Network Gate was also installed on a remote server through RDP. After using the user-interface to share the scanner it was immediately available for use on the remote computer. Problem solved!

Q: What benefits have you seen from using Eltima’s software solution?

Aaron: I have been extremely pleased with the results of using the software as well as the stellar technical support that the company provides. USB Network Gate supplied a simple and elegant solution that allows us to fully use the barcode scanner with our applications running on a remote machine.

Redirect USB over Network

USB Network Gate enables you to access the full functionality of USB devices remotely over a LAN or the Internet. Take advantage of your peripheral devices on network-connected Mac, Windows, and Linux computers as well as Android mobile devices.

Use network-attached USB devices with virtual machines

Your virtual machines will function as if they contained USB ports with this software application. USB Network Gate can be used in many virtual environments such as Citrix XenDesktop, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Redirect USB devices over Ethernet

Use local USB devices on remote computers as if they were physically connected to it.

OEM Integration

USB Network Gate can be integrated into OEM products on the Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux platforms. If you want to see how this technology can benefit you, please request an OEM evaluation kit from our sales specialists.
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