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Redirect USB over Network

USB Network Gate is aimed to provide you with the possibility to redirect USB devices over the network. With USB Network Gate it doesn't matter whether you are using LAN, Wi-Fi or Internet, you won't experience any issues connecting to any USB device and working with it as if it was plugged in to your computer directly!
Available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android

Common problem

Not all the devices you usually use in office work can be redirected over the network to other work places in your office. Quite often office workers may need to use MFD, scanner, webcam, etc. on different computers over the office. It may be quite an issue carrying devices back and forth, especially when your office is spread on to several floors or is situated in different buildings.

How USB Redirector solves it

USB Network Gate (former USB to Ethernet Connector) works as a USB redirector when you need to redirect USB device to other computers over the network.

No need to restructure the network or buy a new hardware. Just install USB Redirector software on a computer with a physically attached USB device and on the computer from which you want to use remote USB device. Everything else will be done by USB Network Gate, which organizes a connection and USB device appears on a remote PC as if it was really connected to it!

Redirect USB over Network

Redirect USB devices over LAN, Wi-Fi or Internet and use them from remote computers. You can share various devices, such as MFD, scanners, webcams, etc. These devices will be accessible at a remote computer as if they were really connected to it.

USB passthrough for Virtual Machines

USB Network Gate organizes a USB devices passthrough from host OS to virtual machine. It makes possible redirect USB devices on a virtual machine as if they were connected to it directly. USB to Ethernet Connector supports VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V.

Remote Desktop USB redirector

With USB Network Gate accessing USB devices over Remote Desktop Protocol is as easy as a pie. Now you can use local USB devices from a remote desktop as if they were physically plugged in there. So, the software works as RDP USB Redirector, too.

Your custom scenario

Need to use USB Network Gate for a different purpose? Please let us know how you would like to use our product and we will be glad to assist you in this matter. We hope USB Redirector will satisfy your needs perfectly.

Real-life usage of USB Network Gate

Q: What made you start searching for this kind of software? Did you face any difficulties?

Jason: I currently have an Epson Stylus Rx700 multifunction printer which does not have network support. I have tried various hardware print servers to try and connect my printer to the network, but have only managed to get the printing side of things working. So I needed something to redcirect USB printer.
Personal Background: Jason Gregory is a family man with a wife and three children. He works as a supervisor for a medium Manufacturing company which processes polyurethane.

Industry: IT Company

Q: For what purposes are you using USB Network Gate now?

Jason: I am currently using USB to Ethernet Connector on my laptop which is running Windows Vista Ultimate and my Epson Rx700 MFP which is connected to my server with Windows Server 2003. I also have two other laptops on the network which my wife and son use sometime, and they are running Windows XP. All of the laptops work like they have the printer attached to them.

Q: Was USB to Ethernet Connector of any benefit to you?

Jason: USB Redirector from Electronic Team is a pleasure to use and very easy to setup. It has benefited me and my family very much as we can all use the printer, scanner and photo functions. Many thanks for developing USB redirector software solution.

Media & Reviews

"I for one would love to install the USB Redirector software along with a USB missile launcher to shoot at my international publishers - just for fun of course! With a click of a button I could shoot those missiles in Panama, Amsterdam, Indonesia and Hong Kong."
"...the best solution I could come up with was to use USB to Ethernet Connector to sync up my iPod with my home system to share to my laptop no matter where I was on the road. Giving me the best of both worlds. This is a truly an elegant solution."
Rob Peterscheck
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