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RemoteFX USB Webcam Redirection

Olga Weis Olga Weis Jul 19, 2021

RDP sessions can be frustrating for users who need remote access to a camera for video conferences, meetings, etc.

The reason many users dislike their cameras during remote desktop sessions is that their connection with a USB webcam (via remote environments) is not always reliable or efficient.

A common problem many users confront when it’s time to share a webcam over RDP is having the remote session recognize the webcam that is physically plugged into the host machine.

Keep reading to learn how to use RemoteFX USB webcam redirection, and make accessing webcams remotely much easier.

Webcam Redirection With RemoteFX

RemoteFX USB redirection webcam requires configuring the following Group Policy settings on the VDI desktop or RDS host(s) to “Disabled”:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Device and Resource Redirection > Do Not Allow Supported Plug And Play Device Redirection
 redirection webcam
The following Group Policy settings on the client computer should then be changed to “Enabled”:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection Client > RemoteFX USB Device Redirection > Allow RDP Redirection Of Other Supported RemoteFX USB Devices From This Computer
 Group Policy settings
Select the “RemoteFX USB Redirection Access Rights to Administrators and Users”.
Now launch the command line with the Administrative privileges to execute the below command:

GPUpdate /force
To ensure the Group Policies have been applied correctly, reboot the machine.
Ensure that the RemoteFX USB webcam redirection functioning correctly by opening MSTSC.exe. If “Other supported RemoteFX USB devices” isn’t visible, reboot the computer again and double-check that you did not open any additional Remote Desktop Connection instances.
 RemoteFX USB webcam redirection
After logging onto the RDS server, the webcam device should function as desired. Just wait additional 10 -15 seconds for the webcam to redirect completely.
RemoteFX webcam redirection
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The Requirements To Enable RemoteFX USB Webcam Redirection

Required RDS Session Hosts:

  • Windows Servers 2012, 2012 R2, or 2016
  • Install the Desktop Experience feature (as shown below)
desktop experience

Required Versions For VDI Desktops

  • Windows 8.1, or Windows 10

Required Client Systems

  • Windows Workspot client 2.x.x
  • RemoteFX-capable client (Remote Desktop Connection 8.1 or newer).
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