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What is Microsoft Client Hyper-V

Olga Weis Olga Weis Jun 29, 2021

When we talk about USB to Hyper-V passthrough, we definitely need to know what is Microsoft Client Hyper-V. Microsoft Client Hyper-V is a Type-1 Hypervisor that runs on Windows 8.x and Windows 10 operating systems.This Hypervisor enables multiple operating systems(OS) to run within a virtual machine(VM) at one time.

The Microsoft Hyper-V Client download became available alongside the release of Windows 8, replacing the Type-2 Hypervisor Windows Virtual PC.

Professionals IT and Developers alike use this Client Hyper-V Microsoft tool when building test environments. Tho is done when Developers create their own VM(Virtual Machine) host using a laptop computer.

microsoft client hyper-V

Once the VM passes inspection, it is then exported to a Windows Server production environment.

The Microsoft Hyper-V Manager Client also provides users the ability to test software on multiple operating systems. This is possible because users can create separate VMs for each operating system needed.

When users install their Microsoft Hyper-V client download, the Microsoft Hyper-V Manager Client is also installed. Known as the Hyper-V Manager, it creates, maintains, and manages virtual machines. It can even switch functions for users who want to connect a virtual machine to external network connections.

Users should be aware that Client Hyper-V has limitations when compared to it’s Client Hyper-V Microsoft server version. For example, Client Hyper-V lacks support for: Hyper-V Replica, VM Live Migration, Virtual Fibre Channel, RemoteFX capability, and SR IOV.

Please note: Client Hyper-V is only available for 64-bit versions of Windows 8.x, 10, Pro, and Enterprise.

Regarding Client Hyper-V hardware requirements, a 64-bit processor with 2nd-level address translation is needed. It is also essential that the CPU can support VM Monitor Mode Extension, and runs 4GBs of RAM.

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