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Webcam Over RDP: The Definitive Guide

Jul 12, 2021

RDP sessions are widely used and are extremely useful for remote workers. One issue that can come up is the difficulty in establishing access to a webcam through RDP. Connecting to a locally connected webcam can be very challenging when working with these USB devices in the remote desktop.

usb to remote desktop

The main issue with the webcam over RDP redirection

One of the major problems faced when attempting to share a webcam over RDP is simply getting the device recognized by the remote session. This can cause a serious disruption when you are trying to set up a Skype for Business RDP webcam connection to communicate with a client or coworker.

We present a solution that allows users to easily share a webcam over RDP. It’s a software solution that enables any type of USB device to be accessed from a remote desktop session.

Sharing webcams across RDP

USB Network Gate is a lightweight application that provides users with access to the full functionality of a locally attached webcam from within an RDP session.
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USB Network Gate

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 USB for Remote Desktop
The software offers a reliable and flexible tool for passing webcams through to the remote desktop sessions so it can be used with any type of video-conferencing application.

Once connected to a local USB peripheral with USB Network Gate, users have full control over the webcam in remote desktop sessions, providing the same functionality afforded by a direct physical connection.

How to use local webcam on remote desktop

USB Network Gate should be installed on the machine that is physically connected to the webcam as well as any machines that will use the device over RDP. Here are detailed steps on how to use webcams over remote desktop:

  1. 1
    Install USB Network Gate Server on the local machine which we will call the server. From here, you will configure the app to share the webcam over the remote desktop connection.
  2. 2
    The remote machine will be known as the client and also needs USB Network Gate Client to be installed.

Once communication between the machines is complete, the remote computer will recognize the shared device and display it in Device Manager. This is a virtualized device that provides the same control and functionality as a local connection.

Note: For convenience, a single app contains both the server and client portions. Only the server part of the program needs to be registered, the client does not need registration. USB webcams that are shared by a registered server can be accessed by any USB Network Gate client.

Share webcams over RDP
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Benefits of webcam for remote desktop software

USB Network Gate provides users with multiple benefits when setting up a remote desktop connection to a webcam. Following are some of the features of this versatile connectivity solution.

✅ Cross-platform compatibility

USB Network Gate supports cross-platform connectivity with machines running any supported operating system able to act as the server or client. You will be able to use local webcam in remote desktop on Windows, Linux, and Mac, with a plugin available for FreeRDP webcam redirection. Any platform can share webcams or other USB devices with any other supported OS.

✅ Support for popular video conferencing software

This solution to forward a webcam over RDP is compatible with Skype, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and many other video conferencing applications.

✅ Supports most webcams

No special configuration is required to use virtually any webcams or USB devices in an RDP session.

✅ Strong security

Security for all data transmitted using USB Network Gate is assured through the use of advanced encryption.

✅ Bandwidth optimization

USB Network Gate uses dynamic compression to minimize the size of video streams and boost data transfer speed. The application can be configured to meet the capabilities of your network.

✅ Secure and separate access

USB Network Gate protects confidential information when deployed in a multi-user environment. Webcam traffic is isolated within each user’s remote session so there is no chance of a person’s video connection being viewed by another user.

✅ No webcam drivers are required

No webcam drivers need to be installed on remote client machines that will be used to access a shared USB peripheral. This makes it easier to introduce and share new webcams in the working environment.

How to fix a webcam that’s not working over RDP

The webcams that do not work on remote desktop due to misconfigured Group Policies or a missed checkbox in the Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a common issue.

webcam not working over rdp

Use the following steps to make a webcam available for connection to a remote desktop session:

  1. 1
    Open Remote Desktop Connection manager.
  2. 2
    In Remote Desktop Connection select “Show Options”.
  3. 3
    Go to the “Local Resources” tab.
  4. 4
    Under “Local Resources”, select “More…”.
  5. 5
    Under “More…”, expand the Video capture devices by selecting the + to the left.
  6. 6
    Select the device(s) you wish to use and press OK.

RemoteFX webcam redirection

remotefx webcam redirection

RemoteFX USB webcam redirection is designed to allow users to easily access remote devices and have them work seamlessly. RemoteFX USB redirection occurs at the port protocol level, similarly to how serial or parallel ports are redirected in remote desktop. It supplements high-level redirection like that used with drives. Used in conjunction with high-level redirection, RemoteFX USB webcam redirection gives users more functionality and flexibility.

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USB Network Gate

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