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What is Enhanced Session Mode?

Olga Weis Olga Weis Jul 7, 2021

If you need to access USB in Hyper-V, you should read more about Enhanced session mode in Hyper-V.

Enhanced Session Mode connects VMConnect.exe with Hyper-V host’s VMBus component. For those unfamiliar with VMConnect.exe, it’s an application that creates a direct connection to the console of a (client computer’s) Hyper-V guest.

For example: when “Connect” is selected from a virtual machine’s (in Hyper-V) context menu, communication between the guest and host operational virtual environments are enabled.

Hence, VMConnect.exe utilizes numerous tech features within the Remote Desktop Client machine, adding efficiency and convenience.

Enhanced Session in Hyper-V

Noteworthy Enhanced Session Mode Options

  • Allows users to access local resources like disk drives, USB devices, and printers via console connection
  • Allows the copy and pasting of files from the host system to the desired guest system
  • Added screen resolution and fullscreen mode options
  • Logins for Smart Cards

Quite simply, Enhanced Session Mode elevates VMConnection.exe in such a way that it closely resembles a Remote Desktop Client session.

Enhanced Session Mode Use Cases

Individuals with frequently used Client Hyper-V virtual machines will greatly benefit from Enhanced Session Mode.

In situations where a quick test is required, utilizing Enhanced Session Mode is not necessary.

But... When users are spending extended periods of time viewing through the small window and walled garden, sessions can feel claustrophobic and limiting.

It would be easy to go on and on about the plethora of reasons why Enhanced Session Mode vastly improves the Client Hyper-V experience (like it’s development and testing environments, for example). However, these are things that users can come to learn at their leisure.

Instead, the following use cases create a clear and vibrant example regarding standard sessions vs enhanced sessions.

Review the two use case scenarios below to learn more about the benefits of Enhanced Session Mode.

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